charlotte nc family photography | family g everyone in the picture! / by Staci Noel

This family got together here in Harrisburg to do this portrait session for their beautiful grammy because they had no pictures of all of them together - and I hope she won't mind if I ask you guys to say a quick prayer or send a good thought her way. She is an amazing lady with a exuberant spirit and she's starting her fight against cancer next week. With all of the love and support of this awesome family I know that these superheroes are gonna kick cancers butt!

This was one heck of an amazing shoot - 21 people all together from different states for a holiday weekend and portrait session! Normally a family shoot for me involves anywhere from 3-5 people on average so this was a whole other level of planning. I spent a few hours thinking through family setups and poses, going through my furniture looking for stools and chairs that would work, and making a list for myself so I wouldn't forget anything on site. Photographing 21 people, including 9 kids under the age of 8, could easily have taken hours if I wasn't going to prepare right and frankly, ain't nobody got time for that! We managed in just about an hour to get a great gallery of the individual families, grandkids, and of course lots of pictures with grammy! I had an absolute blast with these guys as they played, laughed, and just plain loved on each other during our time together! Thanks for trusting me with these precious moments and amazing memories!