charlotte-newborn-photographer-staci noel photography-a little weekend fun / by Staci Noel

Running your own business can be a lonely venture sometimes; despite the fact that I get to interact with amazing clients and meet lots of other types of local business owners I spend a lot of time mulling over the aspects of running a newborn photography business with my non-photographer husband, who, while he is 1000% supportive, tends to go a little blank when I start talking about my camera or lighting or composition or props….:)

So a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to travel to meet up with some amazing fellow newborn/maternity/baby photographers and have a little social time. I belong to a ton of Facebook photography groups but there is one group that I visit everyday and interact with on a regular basis because the people in it are

1. a small group of photogs that specialize in the same type of photography,

2. they are all pretty fantastic at what they do and

3. they're honest, kind and f'n hilarious.

When the two fabulous women who admin the group mentioned doing a meet up at their locations in TN I knew I really wanted to go and meet some of these gals face to face. So while the awesome hubs watched the kiddos I drove myself 9 hours and I can honestly say it was totally worth it. These ladies were just as much fun, if not more, face to face and we had a ball.  We shot a few models generously arranged by our hostess and spent a lot of time chatting about business and life and basically being a bunch of goofballs - totally my type of peeps!!!


Here's just a few from our weekend together! 

Setups generously done by Arianna Parman of Beautiful Reflections Photography and Brittney Lewis of Brittney Shey Photography.

Behind the scenes photos by Bianca Colon Hubble of Photography by Axsys Design.