charlotte nc newborn photographer | hey, I saw you on buzzfeed! / by Staci Noel

Here he is! This little guy made his way around the world (not quite the galaxy yet:) these last few weeks courtesy of Star Wars fans everywhere and Buzzfeed!



Like you, I always see those Buzzfeed articles in my Facebook newsfeed; "23 Dog Best Friends Who Love Each Other A Lot", "25 Pictures That Will Make You Believe In True Love", "7 Things Only Sisters Will Understand." More often than not if it's applicable or catches my attention I'll click on it for a quick laugh or pick me up on a day and peruse the images and captions just for fun. 

I'm not gonna lie - when I got an email from a Buzzfeed editor asking to use one of my images in an article I was a little bit flabbergasted - did I just age myself with that word? I'm totally not a hip twenty something - oh well.... "Where in the world had they found my images?" Let's face it, I'm pretty small time here in Harrisburg NC and while I have been photographing for the last 7 years I don't have a giant following and stay pretty low key. I'm thrilled when people outside of "the 'Burg" drive to me to do a newborn or baby session but most of the time I'm focused on networking in and around Harrisburg Concord and Charlotte just because it's convenient for people that I'm here in their area. So how in the world had Buzzfeed found my little Jedi baby?

Pinterest! I had done little Luke's session (yes, that's his real name and he was absolutely a perfect doll for his session:) in November of last year. Earlier this year I had gone through and created a few Pinterest boards for clients, what to wear, ideas for family, newborn, baby stuff, etc. and while I was doing that I thought, "Oh what the heck, I should do a few boards of my own work so people can see ideas for what they might want to do when they book." You can check out my newborn Pinterest Board  HERE

A few weeks went by and I noticed that this particular image was getting pinned and repinned. It should have occurred to me that on top of the fact that Star Wars is just as popular today as it was when I was a kid, that with the new movie coming out and the first trailer being released that there might be a bit of renewed interest and that includes people looking for ideas on how to incorporate it into their newborn sessions. 

The Buzzfeed editor was perusing Pinterest for themed newborn shoots and that's how she found me. A few emails later her article was out, Luke was featured and then I started getting emails from other media outlets in Australia, London, Portugal, the Netherlands, etc. asking for permission to feature the image in their online articles as well. 

So in just the span of a few weeks, millions of people saw this image and I continue to see it pop up in my newsfeed every now and then. Pretty cool stuff for little old me in Harrisburg NC:)


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