harrisburg-nc-photographer | Back to Business with Portrait Sessions! by Staci Noel

Hey guys,

So it’s been forever since I’ve posted a blog. Frankly, it’s been a really bumpy last year and while I have continued to shoot and create I have really let certain aspects of my business slide as we’ve had some personal/family issues that have had to take precedence over everything else. Losing a family member suddenly means not only dealing with the emotional toll but it creates a whole other level of chaos in just the day to day functioning of life and I’ve had to step up and step into things that have required more of my attention and time. I’ve taken the bare minimum of work that I knew I could handle successfully while still being able to be there for my family during this past year and I really appreciate everyone that I have worked with during this difficult time. Grief is not a destination, it’s a journey where the scenery just changes as you go along. Having friends and clients that are so understanding has made the journey a little less difficult:)

But… now we are healing a bit and moving forward so I’m back in the studio regular hours and back to scheduling more sessions regularly. I’m very excited about sessions that I have coming up and to seeing where life goes the rest of 2019. I can’t wait to see my regular families and new babies and a new class of seniors for 2020!

Love you all so much,


charlotte nc family photographer | staci noel photographer | our lovely neighbors by Staci Noel

One of the things I love best about the town we live in just outside of Charlotte is that here in Harrisburg, we have met some of the best neighbors. We lived in the same house for the first 7 years and we just adored our neighbors; our kids had best friends right across the street and we mad so many friends that have been a part of our lives in such amazing ways!

We moved into our current house about 18 months ago because my business simply outgrew the space we were in and we finally felt that we were ready. The worst part was leaving our dear neighbors and honestly, our kids were super sad about not having their friends be able to pop over whenever they wanted!

Since we built our new house in a new neighborhood there weren't a ton of people here at first and so our neighbor options were tiny. Thankfully, Charlotte and specifically Harrisburg, are growing so fast and we have seen house after house pop up and lots of new friends moving in!

And now, not only do we have some really great neighbors here at the new house, but I am so honored that I got to give some of them their first chance at officially updated family portraits! This family is a nonstop riot and it has been such a joy getting to know them and hang out as friends! I absolutely could not stop laughing as we worked together to get some of these portraits and I cannot wait to deliver their final artwork that we have designed for their living space!

charlotte-family-photographer | Fall Mini Sessions by Staci Noel

Family portrait sessions are always a fun change of pace for me and of course fall is the busiest time of the year for family portraits. It's also come to my attention though that fall is a crazy busy time for newborns as well - I don't know what was going on 8 or 9 months ago but man have I been fielding newborn calls left and right lately. How can I pass up the opportunity to photograph in the gorgeous colors we always have around Charlotte and Harrisburg though, so I knew I had to come up with a plan to squeeze some family photo sessions in during October. 

This year has been an extra crazy time for me personally as we are in the process of moving into our new home and my new studio space. Since we weren't quite sure of how that was all going to go down I decided to offer a weekend of mini sessions for my fall family bookings and I have to say I think it worked out great! Despite the fact that we got rained out one day and had to push into the next weekend I managed to photograph a bunch of families and get them all turned around prior to our move - no delayed Holiday Cards for my clients!!!

I am so blessed so have great clients that trust me year after year with these precious memories! Here's a quick peek at some of the great families, both new and return:),  that I got to create portraits with this year!